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Monica Wilson – Data Protection and Privacy Notice.


· I am an individual designer-maker of silver jewellery.


· When you subscribe to my newsletter about my exhibitions, or agree to join my mailing list the following rules apply:-

· I only hold your name and email address, nothing else.


· This information is held by an online web host Wix which has contact management and  mailing     software which I use called ShoutOut.  They only send out emails that I personally write and control.


· I only send out newsletter emails.  They include some information about my work and generally advise you when and where my next exhibitions will be.  The maximum emails you will receive would be about four or five a year.


· I will never sell or give your information to anyone else.


· You can opt out at any time by either sending an email to or clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of one of my newsletter emails.




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