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If you have some of my jewellery, here are some tips for how to care for it. 


Silver will naturally tarnish and over time will naturally go dark - some people like it to be slightly dark in the texture and only polish it with a silver cloth, but if you want to get it very shiny again then to clean it please do the following:


Silver with pearls - please use silver foam, as this does not attack the pearls which are porous.  If this is not available please use a silver cloth or silver polish gently.  Please NEVER use silver dip for the pearl areas as this can ruin pearls.


Silver with gold plate or gold leaf - please use silver dip or silver foam.  If this is not available please use silver polish or a cloth very gently as over time it can wear off the gold  with rubbing.


Silver only items - silver dip or silver foam are usually the best for cleaning.

A small number of items have been oxidised i.e. deliberately made black in part - like the black gingko.  Please never use dip, or, foam or polish, just a light wipe with a silver cloth, otherwise the black or coloured oxidation will disappear.-


Please be gentle with your jewellery and do not use harsh chemicals, be careful spraying perfume, hairspray or other chemicals on it, especially on any pearls.


I hope you will enjoy wearing your items!!

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